Metal Roofing

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Kinard Construction and  Roofing provides the best in metal roofing and other components to make your home beautiful.

Why Should You Consider A  Insulated metal Roof System?

This roof system results in significant energy savings compared to shingle, rolled roof, or other asphalt based roofing technologies.


Metal Roofing Different Styles

Metal roofing comes in many different styles.  How do you know what is good for you? Are you choosing metal because of:

  • It’s appearance
  • It’s longevity and durability
  • The wind resistance
  • Or all of the above?

This question will help you choose the panel for you. The two main styles are Corrugated and Standing Seam. The thickness can range from 28 gauge  to 24 gauge “thick”. The thickness, as you guessed, gives you the life and the strength of the material.

So What is the Difference?

Maxi Rib PANEL

This is another type of exposed fastener panel that is mostly installed on low pitched roofs.  It holds a 40 year warranty and is also nicely priced in the middle.

Kinard Construction and  Roofing recognizes that having your roof repaired or replaced is never convenient; it pales in comparison to the inconvenience  and cost of ignoring the impact of what your roof has endured over the years. The older a roof gets, the more sensitive it becomes to the factors of direct sunlight and rain. Choosing to have your existing roof replaced with a metal roof not only adds value, a possible rebate in homeowners insurance, also a longer lasting roof as well as lowering Your monthly electric bill by as much as 40%. See Testimonials

Corrugated Panels

This is type of metal roofing is found everywhere. It has high wind ratings due to the way that it is externally fastened (with screws). These panels come in 36 inch widths for easy and fast installation.

AG PANEL Metal roofing system

This is the most common exposed fastener panel. This is the one we prefer to install. It holds a Lifetime  warranty. 


5 V PANEL Metal roofing System

This is called a 5V Crimp exposed fastener panel that is very reasonably priced.  It has a warranty for lifetime as well.                                                                 Contact Kinard Construction and Roofing

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Kinard Construction and Roofing provides the best in metal roofing and other components to make your roof last longer
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