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This home was over 8000 sq. ft. Living

This home was over 8000 sq. ft. Living


Kinard Construction and Roofing provides the best in vinyl siding and other components to make your home beautiful.



We offer Hardy siding, aluminum, wood lap, T-1-11 and more

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Why Choose Vinyl Siding?

It is durable longtime beauty without the hassle.

As a homeowner, you know that the outside maintenance of your house can be a cumbersome task. Would you like your home to have great curb appeal, but not at the expense of your free time?

Vinyl siding offers you that freedom. It requires just an annual wash with a garden hose. Never needs to be caulked or painted! Vinyl siding installed by Parlament Roofing & Construction is the clear choice for timeless beauty without the hassle.

So What are my Choices?

Vinyl siding has changed the look of many homes, and now there are more choices than ever. Parlament offers:

  • Traditional Lap Siding
  • Vertical Siding

Traditional Lap Siding

The simple lines and ease of installation have made lap siding the most popular vinyl siding for homes. The vinyl siding styles today include many different textures, shadow lines and colors to meet individual preferences. Click here to view the 10 different traditional lap siding product lines.

Vertical Siding

Vertical siding comes in different profiles and dimensions to accommodate a wide variety of design styles. Vertical siding has become very popular as an accent element or design feature. Because the pattern of vertical lines can have a very powerful effect, it is an excellent choice for entryways, low porch walls, gables and dormers.

Soffit and Fascia


Installing soffit and fascia makes your eaves and over hangs beautiful and maintenance free. Our fascia is custom made to fit your home, by making it on site. We install vented soffit to allow for proper ventilation. Click Here for more information.

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Kinard Construction and Roofing provides the best in roofing and other components to make your home look great.

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